CSTAE Art Teacher
CSTAE Graduate Research Award
Annually, CSTAE invites PK-12 art teachers to apply for a SOCIAL THEORY-in-PRACTICE Award to support attendance to the NAEA convention. This award requires that the art teacher is presenting at the NAEA conference that was accepted through the NAEA peer review process. Two art teachers will be selected for awards in the amount of $300 each. 

Interested teachers will be required to submit application materials by December 1 of the calendar year prior to the intended NAEA conference. An applicant's NAEA session is not required to be a CSTAE presentation, but applications are weighted favorably that are CSTAE sessions, which means it was submitted for review under CSTAE when you selected a division/issue group in the online submission. Applicants are also weighted favorably if they are current CSTAE members at the time of application.

View the 2018 CSTAE Social-Theory-In-Practice Award application